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Why Colombia?

There are a number of factors which the Company believes contribute to Colombia’s attractiveness as a destination for mining investment.

  • It is very prospective geologically and a proven gold producer having been one of the world’s largest producers of gold until 1937.
  • Colombia is politically stable with a mature democratic government which is pro-investment and development.
  • Colombia has a modern and well established Mining Law.
  • Property title in Colombia is secure.
  • The environmental approval system is clear.
  • The country has an independent and sophisticated legal system.
  • The fiscal regime in Colombia is stable.
  • The country has a history and understanding of mining.
  • Qualified and experienced mining personnel are readily available. The healthcare and education systems are strong, with a literacy rate of 93%.
  • Colombia has well developed infrastructure with access to roads, water, power and skilled labour.
  • The strong government measures over the last eight years have significantly improved personal safety and security.