Why Colombia?

Pacifico believes Colombia is an attractive destination for mining investment as:

  • Colombia is very prospective geologically and was one of the world’s largest producers of gold until 1937.
  • Colombia is politically stable, with a mature democratic government that is pro-investment and development.
  • Colombia’s fiscal regime is stable.
  • The country has a history and understanding of mining.
  • Colombia has a modern and well-established Mining Law and Property Title is secure.
  • Colombia has well developed infrastructure with access to roads, power, and water.
  • The environmental approval system is clear.
  • Strong government measures over the last few years has significantly improved personal safety and security.
  • Qualified and experienced mining personnel are readily available.

Pacifico commenced activities in Colombia in 2011. The company has since established a regional office in Colombia, employing a highly experienced team of local professionals. Pacifico has since developed a comprehensive GIS database across many prospective areas of Colombia. This enables our team to make rapid assessments of projects and has allowed Pacifico to identify and secure the highly prospective Berrio, Natagaima, and Urrao projects. These projects are currently being explored while the team continues to assess additional opportunities. Pacifico has additional exploration title applications in place, providing a pipeline of quality projects for exploration.